All Ways Property Management


Why Choose All Ways Property

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on Property Management Services!
  • We understand property investors because “we are investors too.”
  • Strategic steps to reduce vacancy times between tenants.
  • Zero tolerance to rent arrears.
  • Fee structure is performance based.
  • “No fees” for inspections.
  • “No fees” for general repairs & maintenance.
  • Rents assessed and researched regularly to keep up with market rent.
  • Connection between tenant and Property Manager is personal, we would rather have tenants be present for inspections (where possible) building a sound relationship especially at the beginning of their tenancy.
  • Connection between owner and Property Manager willing to adapt to the owner’s needs, situation & circumstances?
  • Property Inspections are detailed and personal and regular i.e. new tenants four week, eight week then three months only if everything is running smoothly.
  • Maintenance Reports are list prioritized for owners and their budgets.
  • Timely repairs and maintenance, to protect your asset.
  • Robust systems in place to, “protect, maintain & add value to the owner’s asset”.
  • Peace of mind for owners because we are very diligent in selection process, selecting tenants who respect the property and are conscientious in paying rent.
  • Tenants must have good rental history and have a total of three referees.

Here at All Ways Property we believe: Diligent tenant selection, Market rent, high occupancy, equals maximum returns.

Richard and Maxine are excited and passionate about Property Management and all aspects of Property Investment and look forward to supporting you to get the best results for your properties. Talk to us today -->