The Comprende way

Experienced property managers you can trust.

Comprende was established in 2014 with a combined experience in operations, sales and strategic planning. Our mission is to lift the general level of service and change the perception of property managers, giving investors and tenants a fresh approach to property management.

We are turning traditional property management on its head. Gone are the days  of grumpy and unfair property managers. Our experience tells us that investors and tenants want similar outcomes and everyone wants life to be stress-free, we are here to facilitate that relationship.

Our goal is to give you peace of mind and sustainable rental returns through proactive property management. We work best with rental property owners who value tenant relationships and recognise a consistent level of upkeep is important to create a sustainable investment.

Challenging the status quo.

Historically investors have a reputation as money hungry and property managers – old, grumpy and unfair!

We knew to change this perception we would need to walk the talk so we are regularly challenging the status quo in the industry with new initiatives, like recently where we moved into the Soho building to help improve the common areas for tenants.

Did you know if you are out of the country for longer than 21 days by law you need to appoint someone to manage your property?  Another initiative we have founded is offering short term property management - it's a turn key approach and another way we are doing property management differently.

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