Faulke Property Management


7 reasons to have us manage your property

25 Years In The Industry

Some of our staff have more than 25 years experience in managing other peoples properties.  This wealth of experience is invaluable should anything unexpected or unusual happen.

100% Focused on Residential Property Management.

It is all we do.

Developed and Proven Systems.

These have been developed and refined over the last 25 years to reflect constant changes in the industry and the decisions made by the Tenancy tribunal.

Tenant Selection.

We get very in-depth information from the prospective tenant including photographic ID.  We then make inquiries from the following sources

  • Delinquent tenant data base
  • Previous landlords
  • Justice Department Website
  • Credit history database (Veda)

It is only after satisfactory results from all these avenues that we are prepared to proceed with the tenancy

Detailed Regular Inspections.

These are carried out to make sure the tenants are looking after the property and in addition are a maintenance check of the property.

We will check floors, windows, drapes, woodwork, ceilings, light shades and walls of every room. In kitchens and bathrooms we will look and all amenities and check for leaks under sinks and basins. We check overflow pipes, lawns, gardens, shrubs, clotheslines and many other things around the property.

Prompt Owner Payments

We transfer all the money we have into owners accounts on the 1st and 15th of each month. (if these are not work days and the banks are closed then the transfers will be on the first working day after).

Free Rental Appraisals and Pre-purchase Advice .

We will combine our experience with Statistics to establish the rental price for your property. We will also provide an unbiased opinion on the strength and weaknesses of a property you are looking to purchase as a rental in addition to recommendations for any additional clauses to be added into the agreement.

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