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Peace of Mind Property Management

We offer you first class service, with the strength and accountability of local ownership while providing an organisation that is nationally recognised.

Mutual Objectives

? Continuity of income that is market adjusted.

? Maintaining an asset to provide capital growth.

? Finding and retaining good tenants to minimise unnecessary wear & tear.

? Meeting the ever changing obligations under the Residential Tenancies Act We understand and are committed to providing a well trained, enthusiastic team that will help you meet your goals and give you.

Some of the numerous advantages to you the investor are:

? Collection and monitoring of rent payments

? Prompt dispersal of rent monies - we disperse bi-monthly & monthly from our audited computerised system

? Arranging cost effective repairs & maintenance

? Paying of relevant accounts if required i.e. rates, insurance etc

? Inspections are completed four times annually.

? Making prompt contact with tenants who are late with rent payments. We follow up rent arrears diligently & we enjoy an excellent reputation with the Tenancy Tribunal, this, plus our knowledge of the legislation helps us minimize rent loss.

? Drawing of Legal Documents

? Careful selection & thorough screening of tenants

? Collection and control of Bond, depositing with the Tenancy Services of New Zealand

? Mediation & Court appearances if required

? Saving you cost on expensive advertising

? Regular updates of potential investment opportunities; Buying & Selling

? Advice about the Market

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