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This is how we protect your investment!


'Penny wise and pound foolish’ is an old saying with relevance to property management. When considering the future of your property, which is worth many hundreds of thousands of dollars, is it not worth investing a little more to ensure that it’s managed by a professional?

Legal Knowledge

There are various statutes that impact on residential property management and it is important that you or your representative is fully conversant with the law as it relates the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants. In addition to the main piece of legislation, the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 (amended 1 October 2010) you need also to be aware of the following pieces of legislation: Real Estate Agents Act 2008, Privacy Act 1993 (amended 1 February 2011), Fair Trading Act 1986 (amended 1 August 2009), Human Rights Act 1993 (amended 3 March 2010), Occupiers Liability Act 1962 (amended 3 September 2007), Matrimonial Property Act 1976 (amended 18 May 2009), Building Act 2004 (amended 1 January 2011), and Companies Act 1993 (amended 1 February 2011). In addition, you need to be fully conversant with local bylaws and regulations.

Credit Checking - T.I.N.Z.

As we are regularly placing tenants into properties, we have established strong credit-checking procedures. Some, such as debt collection agencies and references, can be checked by private individuals; however, as property managers we have access to a specialised credit checking service known as TINZ. This service has a comprehensive database of tenants that have left owing money or having caused damage. This allows us to check who would make an acceptable tenant, and reject those who wouldn’t.

Quality of Tradespeople

The selection of good tradespeople – experts who carry out repairs in a timely basis, to a good level of quality and at a reasonable cost– is a process we thoroughly and regularly review. This ensures that when work is required you can have the confidence in knowing it will be done quickly, correctly and at the best cost. The volume of work that we process also allows us to achieve a pricing structure that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. A service level agreement, renewed annually, guarantees quality of service, value for money, and priority of service that is second to none.

No Interruptions

Forget those late night and early morning calls from tenants with problems, or arranging family or friends as alternative contacts while you are on holiday. As management professionals we are available, and have trades people on callout, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Neutral Party

Should problems arise with your property emotions can sometimes cloud the decision-making process, inhibiting a quick resolution. As an independent manager we can advise you on your rights and obligations and the best way to resolve issues.

Market Knowledge

Dealing with the residential rental market on a daily basis ensures that we are up-to-date with the current market. We are aware of supply and demand across all price ranges and are able to ensure that you receive the best possible rent in today's marketplace. This knowledge is also invaluable when the time comes to look for a new tenant. Ensuring the property is correctly priced and marketed ensures the property will be let in the shortest possible time.

Market Exposure

When looking for a new tenant we are able to draw from a larger pool of tenants than a landlord acting privately, or through a smaller agency. Due to the location of our three high-profile offices, and extensive marketing activity, prospective tenants know that we have a wide range of properties to let. This leads to many direct enquiries. In addition, if tenants enquire about a property that is unsuitable, we can easily redirect them to other properties we have available. Having a larger selection of tenants allows us to be more selective about whom we place into a property.

Corporate Resources

As one of a very select client group of John Crocker & Associates Ltd, we are able to draw on the exclusive expertise of this internationally recognised leader in the field of property management. We ensure our alliances are with only the very best in their field; we have the best legal advice, regular training, specialised property management conferences and share ideas with other experts.

We were New Zealand's first client of Real Plus, a property management training tool that is the brainchild of Fiona Blayney and a team of education professionals, e-learning specialists and industry practitioners.

Membership to the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) and the exclusive Leading Property Managers of New Zealand (LPMNZ) ensures our property managers are trained and resourced to provide the best service to every client.

Quality of Computer Systems

We utilise leading technology platforms to process and control our property management portfolio. This allows us to efficiently carry out all tasks, including; monitoring and management of arrears, scheduling of forthcoming inspections, and reviews of current rents with a view to maximising the landlords return. We also produce clear monthly and annual statements for the property owner. Of particular value is the financial and electronic diary data held on file, which can be produced to demonstrate the history of a tenant and property.

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