Manage My Rental


Manage My Rental only manage residential properties, they do NOT sell properties. Their sole 100% focus is on managing properties in the Wellington region which means they are experienced and very good at what they do.

Below are 18 reasons why you should use Manage My Rental for your property management services and not speak to any other Wellington property managers before you talk with to our team.

  1. Video tours when we market your property
  2. Property managers that are trained on basic house maintenance that can save you unnecessary contractor call out fees
  3. Access to your property records 24 hours a day 7 days a week through our online portal
  4. Online access to the status of all maintenance jobs on your property(s)
  5. In house lawyer which assists us with every tenancy dispute or tribunal hearing
  6. Fee packages, not just the one size fits all fee structure
  7. Profit improvement advice
  8. Proactive rather than reactive communication
  9. Monthly newsletters which provide you with market updates, industry news & department updates
  10. Above industry standard tenant selection
  11. Tenants are door knocked on the 48th hour of non-payment of rent if we haven’t heard from them
  12. Discounted fees on maintenance
  13. Digital and thorough inspection reports which include photographs & videos of the condition of the property
  14. Your property is managed by a team of three specialists but only ONE point of contact
  15. Property acquisition & disposal support
  16. Fixed term lease agreements but we will do periodic if requested from the landlord / property owner
  17. Money back guarantee or three months FREE property management… choose
  18. Documented customer service standards with over TEN guarantees

Still not convinced? 

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Honesty, integrity & professionalism.

Manage My Rental is a locally owned and managed property management company that services Lower & Upper Hutt, Wellington & Porirua.

MMR was created in 2010 to help eliminate substandard service from property management companies to landlords. MMR are passionate about property investment and management.

To date, the owner of MMR is still actively growing his investment portfolio - this means, as a company, they realise the importance of getting the management right, preventing unnecessary stress and cost on behalf of the landlord.

Initially, MMR was a one-man-operation, working out of tiny little bedroom in Lower Hutt. Now, the business is located in a high-rise building around the corner.

The company operates with four staff - Property Manager, Letting Agent, in-house Maintenance Contractor and Director. They are on a mission to become the largest and preferred property management company nationwide, by 2023.