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Rotoruas Specialist Management Company

Russell Hardie Property Management was established in 2008 to give a superior, exclusive and efficient property management service in Rotorua to both Landlords and Tenants alike.

From a Landlords perspective each management agreement is tailored to suit individual needs and allows for as much or as little involvement as necessary. Over the years we have identified the three major components Investors commonly require in their property management service – communication, a good rental return and knowledge of the state of the property. At Russell Hardie Property Management we recognize that each Investor has individual strategies which ultimately results in different priorities. Our job as Property Managers is to identify the priority and deliver a tailored service to meet each Client’s expectations.

From a Tenants perspective who are looking for houses to rent in Rotorua, we offer proactive marketing to all streams of individuals to capture the market and attract quality tenants to occupy homes within our portfolio. The houses to rent in the portfolio are well maintained and well presented giving quality of housing at affordable prices. An at ease atmosphere in a professional environment is coupled with a trustworthy, informative rental service.

Whether you are a Landlord looking for a property management service to take the hassle out of your investment, an Investor looking to add to your portfolio or a Tenant looking for a house to rent in Rotorua we’d love to hear from you. Talk to us today->