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Why use our Property Management?

Office and Management

- Our team consists of two trained staff and one admin person at the office, and an inspection officer, and a maintenance man in the area
- Situated in Coopers Beach,DoubtlessBay, we are familiar with the local services and community
- We have a system in place to follow up outside office hours calls and queries
- We are affiliated with an on hand tenancy legal advisor


- We market your property at no cost on 5 websites and in our rental guide to capture the potential tenant we are looking for
- We document an extensive property condition report including photos at the start of each tenancy which provides clear evidence for tenants and landlords
- Property inspections start one month into tenancy, and three monthly routine inspections thereafter, to ensure the tenants are keeping your property in a respectful clean and tidy condition
- Maintenance work is addressed as required by our accredited service providers
- We have a six monthly routine maintenance programme in place designed specifically to check pipework, drainage, seals etc to identify potential issues early and report/repair. Preserving the standard of your property is our prime objective.
- We pay accounts associated to the maintenance/upkeep/services of your property
- We record supply services information (power, water, gas etc) at start/finish of tenancies


- Our tenant selection process is thorough, including credit and reference checks & identification check
- We request and lodge Bonds (equivalent to 4 weeks rent) with Dept of Building and Housing
- Daily monitoring of rental collections is maintained with arrears processes in place
- We undertake to build a positive relationship with tenants and encourage them to respect their rental property, and alert us to any problems as soon as possible


- Monthly statements and invoices issued via email/post and payments disbursed on 1st working day of month
- Routine inspections are reported to landlords with photos and findings/maintenance issues
- We strive to keep communications with landlords at a level they wish to be informed.
- We respect your property as our property, and act in your best interests at all times

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