Rent Care Wellington


Looking for a Property Manager for you Residential Investment Property?

Do you really want the hassle of managing your own investment property? Or would you rather leave it to the experts?

At RentCare, we’ve put together a team of people who have the experience, and the skills, to look after your investment property properly. We know what’s required in a property manager, because we also own investment properties.

We know how important it is to have reliable, trustworthy tenants, who will look after your property well. We know how important it is to have excellent communication with your property manager. And we know important it is to keep up with maintenance issues, before minor problems become major ones.


Our Free-Fix Guarantee is a market leading service. At inspection time we will spend 1 hour at your property. During the inspection, anything that can be fixed which doesn't require a specialist, we will fix free of charge (excluding materials).


4 or less properties

7.50% + GST

5+ properties or rents over $650

6.49%+ GST

10+ properties or rents over $1,000

5.99%+ GST

Refer family or friends

Get discounts as if the property were your own

If you had 4 properties and you refer 1 property from someone you know, your rate would be as if you had 5!

  • Properties advertised for free on trademe and RentCare property management websites
  • No admin fees
  • Background checks completed for free on tenants
  • Free rental appraisals
  • $35 rental inspections, you choose the frequency
  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments
  • Rental statements to suit your needs
  • Our Free-Fix guarantee
  • All the above packages are on open contracts (1 month notice required)
  • If you are happy to lock in for a period of time you will receive additional benefits