Rentables Property Management


In this segment we will not only outline what we can do for you but also what you can do to help yourself maximise the return from your investment.

Our fee structure is also included down below.

What we will do for you..
We will

  • look after your investment as if it is our own
  • assist you in setting the best possible market rent for your property
  • thoroughly screen new tenants before placement
  • discuss new tenants and conditions of tenancy with you
  • select the best possible tenants and collect up to 4 weeks bond (maximum allowed)
  • complete correct documentation as required by the Residential Tenancies Act
  • collect, monitor and disburse rental payments to you
  • reappraise your rental return every 6 months
  • carry out inspections approximately every 3 months or as advised by owners
  • send out monthly statements with any invoices paid
  • where requested offer advice on how to present your property to achieve the highest possible rent

We can provide support by:

  • contacting owners (best efforts) about work that is required on their rentals
  • use only trusted tradespeople to maintain your asset when required
  • advise you on landlord protection insurance
  • provide advice on the implications of tenancy law
  • mediate between landlords and tenants when required
  • represent you at tenancy tribunal if this is required

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