Rental One Property Management


Rental One is a specialist Property Management company focusing on your needs as an investor.

We deal with the day-to-day activities to ensure your investment property is in good hands, our staff is trained to deal with any situation that may arise and handle it in a professional manner.

We provide a full service from marketing your property on TradeMe and RealEstate websites, thoroughly screen potential tenants, monitor daily rent payments, taking action on arrears immediately, three-monthly property inspections and detailed pre and final property inspection reports.

You will receive an owner statement once a month and we will provide you with an annual summary for your tax returns.

We Don’t Sell Houses

We only focus on Property Management and being the best in the industry. Basically an organisation that focuses 100% on being the very best at one thing is always going to perform better than a ‘jack of all trades’.

Why put your investment in the hands of someone who isn’t a specialist in that field?

Can’t Get Hold Of Your Property Manager?

We are not a ‘one-man band’. We have a team of eight to provide cover for your properties if your Property Manager is unavailable.

Don’t rely on the ‘one-man band’ office unless you are a big risk taker!

Your Property Manager Don’t Listen?

We will take the time to LISTEN to you! We will take the time to UNDERSTAND your needs!

This is how it works when you entrust your properties with us. It’s not about Rental One, it’s about how we can help you grow your business.

“No one told me about it!”

Open communication matters to us! We build our TRUST with you by being open and transparent in all matters.

“But you told me the house was in great condition!”

We will be up-front with you, GOOD or BAD!

We work hard to achieve the best outcome for you and to protect your interests. If it needs to be fixed, we will be up-front with you about it.

Talk To Us --->

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