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"100% Property Management Any Time, Any Place”

Residential property management is ALL WE DO! All our experienced Property Managers have full accountability for their work; as owner operators, if they make a mistake, it affects them too, so they are constantly striving to stay ahead of the rest.

What makes us Different for other New Zealand property managers?

We charge a single fee for service, offer a money back guarantee, and are largely property managers who own and operate their own business. We focus on managing our clients' properties to ensure minimal expenditure and maximum returns.

At we offer a no nonsense, professional property management service you can trust.

New Zealand Property ManagementWhether you own one or one hundred properties, whether they are positively geared, negatively geared or even if you are just gearing up for retirement, we can help. Our New Zealand property management services comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.


“If you are not satisfied with our New Zealand property management services after the first three months, we will cancel our contract and refund in full all management fees you have paid to our company.”

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