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Tauranga PM
Tauranga Property Management provides high-quality, reliable property management, by investors, for investors.

This industry is about the people – and that’s our point of difference. A good property manager is the key to success.

Tauranga Property Management focuses on the hands-on, profitable management of your property. Let’s not forget this business is about people though – that’s our point of difference. We build landlords’ wealth by removing the headache of management; while comforting tenants with a stable environment. We help make people “feel at home in someone else’s home”.

Why Choose Us?
In Tauranga they say “it’s not what you know but who you know” that makes all the difference. At TPM we know all the right people so your wise investment delivers the results you need without the hassle, and when you need a quality tenant we are experts at finding the right one.

Tauranga Property Management focuses on growing a landlord’s wealth and protecting your assets. We engage quality tenants because we have solid experience and expertise on how to do this successfully.

TPM focuses on landlords and tenants receiving our assurance of stability and this win/win approach attracts higher-calibre tenants that are a landlord’s lifeblood. We’re held in high regard by many landlords and tenants in Tauranga because the stringent processes we follow is are second to none.

When it’s time to put your property into expert hands or you’re looking for just the right rental property, it’s time to contact Tauranga Property Management.

The TPM Difference
Forget the two-way equation – the third-string strength of a good property manager is the key to success. Why? We’re professionals and have the attributes that landlords and tenants demand. We’re upfront and honest, extremely approachable and we cover the whole property management services scope so at each stage we’ve got those solutions and services you require.

Combining advanced software with communication skills, we’re masters at property management. There’s a lot more than people think to running a successful portfolio of property investments and at Tauranga Property Management we’ll treat you to those special perks that others may not know about. It’s because we’ve got our finger on the pulse and our passion for both parties to succeed that makes us stand out. We know you only like dealing with the best so contact us today to find out how we do things that much better.

Our commitment to you
“We will diligently inspect your property, select the right tenant, and manage your property as if it were our own.”

If you’re interested in more info about having us manage your home, moving from another provider, or if you’re ready to get the ball rolling, just fill in the form to your right -->>