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Experienced Team

Property management is our business and our property managers have many years of experience looking after properties in Hawke’s Bay.   We are landlords ourselves and know how to proactively manage property to minimise any potential problems and maximise investment.  We know the Residential Tenancy Act and use that understanding to provide advice and recommendations to ensure we provide a firm but fair management service.

The Rules And Regulations

The property management industry in New Zealand is guided by The Residential Tenancies Act which places huge responsibility on the landlord or Property Manager to comply with these regulations.  If the rules are not followed the penalties are harsh and can be very costly.  Landlords who manage their own property, as well as Property Managers who manage property on behalf of their owners, must have a complete and thorough understanding of the relevant legislation and how it applies to every situation.

We try to mitigate loss by doing things by the book – for example lodging bond within 23 days; having airtight tenancy agreements; receipting rent money properly; issuing the correct notices when and where they are required; and ensuring all houses comply with health and safety requirements.

Trust Accounting

The rents we receive are paid into our Trust Account, which does not accrue interest, and remain there until they are paid out to the owners.

Industry Knowledge

We know the market, have a large tenant database and we look for the right fit with each property we manage, not just the “right now” fit.  From two-bedroom units to large lifestyle property and everything in between, we know the best methods to market any property and can advise what the expected rents should be.

Proven Systems And Processes

We use tried and tested systems and procedures, from marketing your property through to exit inspections and bond releases.  We know what tenants require and what we need to do to secure them.  We have one of the best software systems and up to date smart technology on offer, which allows us to customise the way each owner’s property is managed.  We can tailor the way we pay you and the way that you receive statements and your invoices.  We closely monitor rents daily so procedures can be implemented effectively before any issues escalate.

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